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Slide Electric mopeds are eco friendly. Emitting zero CO2 emissions which helps you to do your part for the environment and your carbon footprint. This also means they can be ridden within the ULEZ and Clean Air Zones without incurring charges. With no moving engine parts, there's very little to go wrong with an electric moped, making oil changes and expensive mechanical bills a thing of the past. These electric mopeds are completely road legal and similar to a normal 50cc petrol moped. You can just twist the throttle and go, without the noise of an engine


  1. Merlin Z3
    As low as £1,350.00 Regular Price £1,800.00
  2. Merlin
    As low as £1,162.50 Regular Price £1,550.00
  3. Merlin X5 Lithium
    Special Price £2,250.00 Regular Price £3,000.00
  4. Merlin Z3 19 Plate Pre-Owned *SOLD*
    Special Price £1,295.00 Regular Price £1,695.00
  5. Merlin Z3 71 Plate
    Special Price £1,595.00 Regular Price £1,895.00
  6. Merlin Z3 71 Plate *SOLD*
    Special Price £1,695.00 Regular Price £1,895.00
    Special Price £1,595.00 Regular Price £1,695.00
  8. Merlin X5 71 Plate
    Special Price £2,100.00 Regular Price £2,800.00

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Frequently asked questions

q: How long will the batteries last?

Battery life will depend on how frequently they are used and fully charged. Lead-Gel batteries can last somewhere between 3 and 4 years. While Lithium have a lifespan of atleast 5 years with proper care.

q: Can I ride this on the road?

Yes but like a petrol moped you will need to have insurance along with some form of licence. You can ride these with either a C.B.T and provisional or with a full car licence if you passed before Febraury 2001.

q: Do I need a special charge point?

No special charge points are required for these bikes, you can simply charge from any 3-Pin 13amp socket.

q: Do I need to pay Road Tax?

Like other electric vehicles there's currently no road tax to pay on these mopeds. You need to apply each year for your road tax but there is zero to pay.

q: Why would I choose this over a petrol bike?

Other than range being an issue for some riders there is a lot of benefits to having an electric moped. They produce zero Co2 Emissions and have very low running costs. There is also no need for annual services and oil changes like a petrol bike which saves you money and the enviroment.


q: What is the top speed?

As these are moped class their top speed is 28 mph as standard.

q: Can I test ride before I buy?

Yes. We always urge customers to try the products before commiting to a purchase in case the bike doesn't quite suit their needs.

q: Can I remove the battery to charge?

Yes but only on the Lithium models as the Lead-Gel batteries have to be charged inside the bike.

q: Do you provide lessons?

Yes for £20 per hour and redeemable against the purchase of a new bike. We offer informal tuition to see if you feel comfortable riding the bike before making that big purchase.

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